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Helicam International specialises in acquiring High Definition video and High Resolution photographs from its remote controlled helicams. A variety of helicopters are used, both single-rotor and multi-rotor, and all have different and specific attributes to suit a very wide range of aerial filming requirements. All feature 3-axis stabilised camera mounts and produce stunning, stable aerial footage. All helicams are equipped with a 5.8GHz live video downlink for realtime monitoring on the ground of the airborne camera's view.

ChopperCAM is an industrial grade single-rotor helicopter with a 2.3m rotor span designed to carry professional cameras of up to 3.5kg for up to an hour before refueling. Sophisticated on board flight control permits semi-autonomous computer assisted flight.

DroneCAM is an electric powered Multi-Rotor Copter. It is extremely quick to deploy, quiet and unobtrusive in operation and provides an exceptionally stable aerial camera platform. The reduced size, weight, noise and general lack of 'scare factor' make it more acceptable near crowds, animals and even indoors.

The helicam aerial camera platform quickly and easily replicates any crane, jib, boom or extended tracking movement - without any of the very expensive hardware, nor the laborious preparation. Using conventional filming techniques, a 30 seconds tracking boom shot can take three or four hours to set up, with rails and a boom mounted camera on a dolly, plus all the associated cables and paraphernalia. It will also involve a sizeable crew. DroneCAM will acquire the same shot literally in minutes - and with just one or maybe two operators!

Furthermore, there are few boundaries or limits to the height or distance that the camera can travel in a single, unbroken shot with no cuts. This facility is quite simply unattainable by any traditional means without hugely expensive Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) assistance.


Our helicams serve the widest range of clients and budgets, in providing high resolution aerial photography and HD video for such diverse sectors as private functions and weddings, Corporate News and Marketing, Architecture, Real Estate & Construction - altitude pre-visualisation, project evolution etc., Sporting Events, general Advertising & Marketing of products, places, monuments and events, TV News, Documentary and Drama and the Feature Film industry.

Helicam International provides a complete one-stop aerial photography/video package or simple hire of the helicopters alone for carrying clients' own cameras. We also provide in-house non-linear HD video editing, multitrack sound recording and mastering plus photo manipulation services.

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