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Rates for aerial photography services are based upon a standard full-day or half-day charge with equipment added to this, according to requirements. This allows for different configurations of helicopters and cameras that are used in a single day to be billed accordingly.

The information below permits a relatively accurate and quick calculation of estimated costs using different setups, should more than one be anticipated. A full working day is nominally eight hours but remains flexible, according to shoot conditions and requirements.

Accurate costings for a project will be supplied either upon receipt of detailed requirements and location information or following a preparatory scout to determine requirements. Aerial still photography costs are generally significantly less than for video due to the reduced technical complexity.

Helicam International operates out of two bases, Marne-la-Vallée near Paris, France and Kent, UK. 'Base to Location' rates are based upon mileage to and from the nearest base. A dedicated Support Vehicle allows an aerial photography team to access any country or location wherever there is a passable road.

It must be understood that weather conditions are a significant factor in determining whether or not aerial filming is possible - or indeed desirable. This is for reasons of both safety and image quality (high winds do not make for very stable aerial video and grey, rainy days do little for holiday resort advertising).

Details and photos of the helicopters and cameras can be found under 'Heli-Cam', or click on the links below.

Basic Charge - full day (8 hours, supplementary hours @ 85.- euros per hour)

590.00 euros

Basic Charge - half day (5 hours)

395.00 euros

Helicopters - half day tariff


2.3m helicopter with 3-axis gyro-stabilised gimbal

850.00 euros

compatible cameras:

anything up to Alexa Mini size

DroneCam-A Multi-Rotor

Octocopter X8 : 5kg payload

480.00 euros

compatible cameras:

Alexa Mini, Canon 5D, GH3/4/5/BMPCC

DroneCam-B Multi-Rotor

Hexacopter : Panasonic and Blackmagic cameras only

420.00 euros

included cameras:

Panasonic GH3, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

DroneCam-C Multi-Rotor

Octocopter : Very discreet, budget option for photos

290.00 euros

compatible cameras:

Canon 5D, Panasonic GH3/GH5, Sony Nex

Cameras - half day tariff

Panasonic HPX171-P2


HD video

85.00 euros

Canon EOS 5D mkll

Full Frame DSLR

HD video & 21MP photos

75.00 euros

Panasonic GH4


4K (Ultra HD) video & 16MP photos

70.00 euros

Panasonic GH3


HD video & 16MP photos

45.00 euros

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema

Digital Cinema

HD DNG + ProRes HQ video

60.00 euros

Sony NEX-5n


HD video & 16MP photos

30.00 euros

Crew - daily tariff

Positioning /Standby, Rig

per crew member

250.00 euros

Location Recce

not including travel expenses

360.00 euros

Extra Crew

eg. Camera Operator, Safety Observer

550.00 euros

Per Diem

per crew member

35.00 euros

General & Miscellaneous

Mileage (Support Vehicle)

0.614 euros per km

Hazard surcharge

e.g. extended flight over water

+40% of helicam rate

Bad Weather insurance

to be agreed at contract signing

25% of shoot day


at cost

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