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Helicam International is a specialist in professional aerial photography and video filming services, using radio-controlled helicopters and drones. All helicopters and drones are fitted with stabilised camera mounts and can be supplied with a camera at no extra charge. For those clients that request a specific camera that we do not have available, this must be hired separately.

The aerial photography services include:
• filming and photography for real estate
• filming for television, publicity and corporate video
• photogrammetry and aerial survey

With worldwide insurance cover Helicam International is authorised to operate commercial drones in the United Kingdom, France and Belgium.

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Real Estate




This is a guide for equipment hire with operating crew, based on an 8 hour working day. Rates are subject to specific job conditions and are calculated on a job by job basis. Prices do not include VAT.

Helicopters / drones : full day tariffs


2.3m helicopter : 3-man crew

3850.00 euros

compatible cameras:

anything up to Alexa Mini size

DroneCam-A Octocopter

Octocopter X8 : 5kg payload

2300.00 euros

compatible cameras:

Alexa Mini, Canon 5D, GH3/4/5/BMPCC

DroneCam-B Hexacopter

video & photo :1-man crew

1300.00 euros

included cameras:

Panasonic GH3 (FHD) / GH4 (4K)

DroneCam-B Hexacopter

video & photo :2-man crew

1850.00 euros

included cameras:

Panasonic GH3 (FHD) / GH4 (4K)

DroneCam-C Quadcopter

Very discreet, budget option for 4K video & photos

990.00 euros


Integral - up to 4K video & photo

DroneCam-C Quadcopter

Special local photos only hourly rate

150.00 euros


Integral - up to 4K video & photo

Crew - daily tariff

Positioning /Standby, Rig

per crew member

250.00 euros

Location Recce

not including travel expenses

360.00 euros

Extra Crew

eg. Camera Operator, Safety Observer

550.00 euros

Per Diem

per crew member

35.00 euros

General & Miscellaneous

Mileage (Support Vehicle)

0.614 euros per km

Hazard surcharge

e.g. extended flight over water

+40% of helicam rate

Bad Weather insurance

to be agreed at contract signing

25% of shoot day


at cost




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