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14 May 2019
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Helicam International is certified and licenced to operate commercial UAV's in the UK, France and Belgium.

Helicam International pilots earned their wings flying large-scale single-rotor r/c helicopters. This demands very specific flying skills, as well as an intimate, practical knowledge of the aircraft mechanics and Flight Control configuration, plus meticulous maintenance and preparation.

This degree of experience and discipline is in marked contrast to the increasingly vast numbers of sloppy and poorly qualified operators utilising ready-made or store-bought auto-fly drones, and posing as professional cinematographers.

But beyond the legal requirements and assurance of reliability, Helicam International also offers the experience to both visualise and execute an aerial sequence that has a clear purpose to inform, entertain or engage the viewer - that perhaps even challenges the viewer to question how the shot was ever achieved!

A self-contained Support Vehicle can quickly deliver an aerial film crew to virtually any UK or European location. Alternatively, all necessary equipment can be flight-cased for international travel.

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